Entrepreneurial origins, backed by Métis values

Oosita was established as a driving force for prosperity and reconciliation for the Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation. Our purpose is to create and amplify revenue streams from businesses and partnerships that are then invested into community programs and initiatives including education, healthcare, housing and culture. We are committed to sustainable growth, protecting the interests of future generations and shaping the destiny of the Métis people, our clients and partners.

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We are driven by the heritage and tradition of the Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation
in all that we do, with respect for people, land and culture.


We work hard and are proud of what we achieve.


We are driven to create community impact and collective prosperity.


Through business, we build the wealth of the Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation — not just financial wealth, but the wealth that comes with good health, strong culture, education and community.


Our business endeavors will not harm future generations, economically or environmentally.

Board of Directors


Eddison Lee-Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Judy-Ann Cardinal

Judy-Ann Cardinal


Kendrick Cardinal

Kendrick Cardinal

Vice President

Barb Hermansen

Barb Hermansen

Board Member


What’s in a name?

The Fort Chipewyan Métis have a long history of entrepreneurship and enterprise in Northern Alberta. They are known as people of the land, trappers and fur traders, skilled builders and craftspeople, harvesters and masters in canoe and land navigation.

The word Oosita is derived from the Cree word Oostá, which means to take what work there is and to get it done. This resonates with the Fort Chipewyan Métis Nation because it speaks to their industrious, purposeful and committed nature.